Make shIT Happen πŸ‘Š

My new mantra is “Make It Happen“. Let it be yours too! It’s about time we get out of our own way and start doing. Get uncomfortable, get vulnerable, put your big girl panties on or your big boy undies on. Let’s do this!

Here’s a poster to put on the wall in your office or in your living room to remind us every day to keep moving forward.

Make It Happen Positive Poster

Here is a coffee cup to remind us every morning to kick butt.
Make It Happen Mug
Here is a spiral notebook to stay organized through it all.

Make It Happen Notebook
Here is a t-shirt to share with the world that they can do it too.
Make It Happen Tshirt
Here is a sticker to keep this mantra with you everywhere you go.

Make It Happen Sticker
Who doesn’t like phone cases? This is for that one time when you take a selfie and someone sees it and says “Hell Yeah, Let’s Make it Happen!”

Last but not least, here is a popsocket grip just in case you love them as much as I do. They are awesome! Let’s spread the love.

Make It Happen Popsocket

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