To Infinity and Beyond!

It’s that time of year for warm, fuzzy, cuddly things. It was cold and wet outside today sooo…… I decided to make my own scarf. I’m a big fan of bright neon and earthy color tones. It’s always tough finding the right balance. Here is my idea of what the rainbow should look like. 😊…

Wool Geodes

I’m always trying to find fun craft projects for my 7 year old to do. This one is a wool geode. Since he is into rocks, gems and crystal right now, I thought this was perfect. It turned out great! What fun projects are you working on?

The Flavor God is Upon Us!

I love these new spices! They are the perfect balance. I also got the special edition one called ” Pizza”. OMG! It makes everything taste like pizza. Go order some for yourself. Are you using special spices that you love? If so, share them with us.