About Me

Who am I?

Angela Hider

My name is Angela. I am a designer, creative crafter, food lover, nail obsessor, rainbow maker and hippy at heart.

This website is about me, my passions, my life, inspiring books, my creative endeavors, my cooky family, cuteness overload of our rescue dogs, our travels, health and wellness and my colorful nail obsession. It is short, sweet and easy to follow.

Fun facts about me:
• I can juggle
• I like to play chess
• I am a middle child
• I have a fear of cockroaches
• I love to cook and eat everything
• Chips and salsa are my weakness. My t-shirt says so!
• My feet are always cold and I wear socks to bed every night
• When I retire it will be near the beach with sand between my toes
• My true passion is designing rad cards, fun posters, unique earrings, cool t-shirts, baby one pieces, home goods and unique rainbow gifts.
• I have two dogs named Boogie and Doodles, go follow their Instagram adventures

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~Angela Hider

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah (sister-in-law!) says:

    Hello Angela, Mum told me about your website – it’s great – very impressive. I love your cards too. See you soon, Sarah xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hider House says:

      Sarah, thank you! I really appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Scotland. 🙂


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