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A Deep Sea Squid!

We were walking along the beach today and found this shell.
It is a type of deep sea squid called Spirula. Pretty amazing!
It’s the little things that amaze me all the time.
I love spending time at the beach.

squid shell

Deep Sea Squid called Spirula

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LEMON Popcorn!

My new favorite lunch spot in Houston.
Every sandwich on the menu is delicious,
but I love the veggie and goat cheese.
Their popcorn is really tasty too. I like the lemon flavor.
Check them out when you are in the Heights area.


Houston Panini and Provisions

Check them out here:

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Building for His Future

My son loves creating different objects with his legos and now his light up legos.
These legos are pretty cool. You can build cars, spaceships and all kinds of other things too.
I’m glad that my son still likes building stuff with his hands instead of playing on my iPad. 🙂
What is your child’s favorite toy, favorite thing to create or do?

boy building a car


If you want to know where to buy them go to Target or Walmart.
You can also go to their website at

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Watermelon Sunday!

I love making agua’s frescas.  Always fresh and delicious!
For this one I used good ole’ fashioned watermelon, oranges, mint, and lemons.  That’s it!

Then I added some vodka to it.  LOL!
What is your favorite refreshing fruit and do you have a recipe?
I have a lemonade recipe that I’ll be sharing soon.

watermelon smoothie

Fruit juice

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Texas Hill Country

We went to Canton, Texas for some relaxation and shopping.
Walked around the biggest flea market in the US.
Found lots of treasure! Enjoyed our family time, very special moments.
Great memories were made. Do you have a favorite Texas Hill Country spot?


My new flea market find!

Canton Texas

Our view from the cabin back porch.

swimming pool

Swimming at night is always fun.

golf cart

Front door service.  Our ride and chauffeur for the weekend.

grandson and grandpa

Grandpa and grandson


Grandma and granddaughter

Burlap Bags

Another flea market find.  $1 burlap bags for sale. It’s great for all kinds of things. Body disposal?? LOL!

sammy the archer

Sammy’s the archer!  The bow and arrow is his flea market find.

Angela and Hadie

My new hat!

Attention Teenagers

Attention teenagers!



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