Texas Hill Country

We went to Canton, Texas for some relaxation and shopping.
Walked around the biggest flea market in the US.
Found lots of treasure! Enjoyed our family time, very special moments.
Great memories were made. Do you have a favorite Texas Hill Country spot?

My new flea market find!
Canton Texas
Our view from the cabin back porch.
swimming pool
Swimming at night is always fun.
golf cart
Front door service. Β Our ride and chauffeur for the weekend.
grandson and grandpa
Grandpa and grandson
Grandma and granddaughter
Burlap Bags
Another flea market find. Β $1 burlap bags for sale. It’s great for all kinds of things. Body disposal?? LOL!
sammy the archer
Sammy’s the archer! Β The bow and arrow is his flea market find.
Angela and Hadie
My new hat!
Attention Teenagers
Attention teenagers!



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