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Halloween is Coming! 🎃👻

I’m all in the mood for Fall and everything that comes with it. Especially Halloween, pumpkins, candy corn, cooler weather, sweaters, warm fuzzy blankets, and my slippers.

So, I designed a few Halloween t-shirts for the occasion. Which one is your favorite so I can add it into the shop. Let me know!

What do you think????

Check out my Amazon shop for more Halloween tshirts.

Check out my website for other fun stuff!!

Color Street FALL🍂COLLECTION is here!

So, as you know I am part of this awesome Color Street movement. They are 100% nail polish strips. No heat, no dry time, no ✂️ and they last forever!! I love them and so will you! ❤️

Check out the new FALL line right here! 😍

Here is the new catalog.

Tell me which one is your favorite. I want one of everything!

If you like to have fun as much as I do, join my VIP Facebook group here.
I have fun games and giveaways every week. You might score a FREE nail set! 😱
If you want to hear more about the business, check out my other group here.

None the less, these are some super fun nails. You must try them!!
You have a hair girl, a makeup girl, let me be your nail girl. 💅

You can always follow my nail adventures on Instagram for more nail inspiration.

#BeColorful #BeBrilliant #BeColorStreet

❤️Angela Hider

Girl, Wash Your Face!

Do you know who Rachel Hollis is? I just found out about her through a friend. She’s awesome!! 😁She’s funny, genuine and tells it like it is (the real deal kinda girl, who’s not afraid to be herself). She wrote the book “Girl Wash Your Face”. It’s a must read! Her documentary “Made for More” is out and I’m going to watch it on Monday (August 13). Does anyone else want to go with me? It’s going to be fun!! 💕

If you don’t know her, check out this funny video of her and her husband.

You can still get tickets here:

I will update this post with what I thought about the movie.

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Gypsy Soul

Have you heard of Color Street yet??? It’s the new way to wear nail polish. Let me know if you want to try a sample. They are super fun, easy to put on and last FOREVER! No heat, no dry time, no ✂️. Yay!!!

This week’s Mani Monday is Southwest Dreams and Giza Sands!! 💅
Join my vip group “Be Colorful Nails By Angela” to see the specials for this week only.  We are a group full of fun women who like to add color into our lives. When your nails are on point, you feel like a million bucks.

Shop these looks 👇 here!

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Super Galactic Tees!

These are what the cool 😎 kids are wearing!! Super galactic, 🌍✨dynomite,💥 electrified⚡️ and mesmerized tees for all the cosmic lovers 💓out there. 🌈🤩 Bam!!
~Much Love Hider House

Check out the 3D cube, the cat lady, unicorn lover, third eye, pizza pie and ice cream tees.

Living the Island Life

We went on holiday in the Philippines. It was amazing! I took a ton of photos and made sooo many memories. I want to share with all of you the different places we went to while there. We first stayed in Astoria Palawan for a couple of days, then moved onto Port Barton. Most of our days were living the island life with no wifi. It was amazing! The people there were super friendly and took really good care of us.

This is where we stayed in Palawan.

This is where we stayed in Port Barton.

This is the best place to eat in Port Barton, Reef Cafe.


I miss having the ocean right out of our front doorstep every day. The Philippines is a beautiful place!!! You must visit it if you haven’t already. Until next time…..

Love is Love is Love is Love ❤️

I just recently designed this cute baby onesie for one of my friends. I think you will love it too!

Love is Love vibes right here!
You will not find this cool one-of-a-kind baby onesie anywhere else.

Is your friend, family member or coworker expecting? This adorable onesie is the PERFECT gift for a baby shower or new parents!


What else would you like to see on a onesie? Who knows…maybe I’ll make one for you too. I’m always looking for new ideas.

Summer Vibes!

Who’s ready for the beach? I know I am!

Cool wind in your hair, sun on your face and water beneath your toes. Yes!!!!

Check out some new swimsuits I designed just in time for your beach adventures.

My lovely cosmic rainbow bikini and the mermaid one-piece.


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Instagram: @hiderhouse

Be Colorful Nails by Angela

Hey guys!

I’m SO excited! I am a NEW Stylist with Color Street. You’ve heard of it right? They offer 100% nail polish strips that are fun, affordable and super easy to apply! It’s mind blowing! I’m seriously OBSESSED! You know I love lots of color. 🌈 🦄

***I’m giving away a FREE full nail polish set in my Online Launch Party group. Go check it out and see what it’s all about. You are going to love them as much as I do! 💅

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The Best Built Octagonal Table Ever!

So, my husband built this amazing octagon table. It was beautiful just like it was, but he wanted me to paint it. He wanted me to use a similar design to my Hider House branding. So I did! I love the way it turned out. What do you think? If you want to create one yourself, here is the blueprint that he followed.


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Houston Texas Proud!

Show your hometown pride and support for Houston with this custom special edition Hider House t-shirt. Go orange and blue

Houston Texas vibes right here!

Go big or go home! #houston #texas

Trick or Treat!

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don’t, I don’t care I’ll pull down your underwear.” 👻🎃

My son loves singing different versions of this song. It’s that time of year, Halloween decorations go up, spooky sounds and funny songs all through the house. These shirts are for those who love Halloween but don’t want to wear a costume. They can be worn together or separate.

Check out my Trick or Treat tee on Amazon here.

Click on the brand name Hider House to see all of the other Halloween shirts that go with this one.

If you want to hear a funny creepy version listen to the tune below, click on the pumpkin.


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Ghouls…Goblins…and Pumpkin Heads…Oh My!

It’s not even October yet and I’m already getting excited about Halloween! 🎃

I have no idea what I want to dress up as this year. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. So, I designed a shirt where I don’t have to know if I don’t want to right now. I can wear this super cool one-of-a-kind t-shirt and still feel like I’m participating during Halloween.


If you love it too, you can get yourself one here:


If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to be different, you can get an orange one here:

#hiderhouse #pumpkinhead #halloween

My Wife Rules!

Just in case you were wondering. 😜

I made this #tshirt for Tom and he wore it for me tonight. Would you wear it? It makes me laugh every time I read it. I love it! #1fan #husbandsrock #love #funnytshirts

If you like this tshirt too, you can get it in my shop or for faster shipping on Amazon. 

Hurricane Harvey – Houston Strong

This goes out to all my family, my friends and my community. I see soo many people helping out during #hurricaneharvey and it makes me proud. I designed this #tshirt for all of us. Everyone is going through some tough times, but we are a strong community that want to help each other. We are #HoustonStrong — in Houston, Texas.


If you think the same, here are the links to purchase. Show support for your community!

Colorful Text: Hurricane Strong Tee 1
White Text: Hurricane Strong Tee 2

(100% of profit will be donated to the Red Cross)

Here’s a link to donate directly to the Red Cross.

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Our Magical Place Into The Woods

We decided it had been way too long since our last family holiday. So, I started planning our next adventure into the woods. Everyone decided unanimously that it would be somewhere in Alaska. I researched places all around. We knew we wanted it to be centrally located to everything, especially near Denali Park. I found this beautiful house on the lake in Willow, Alaska. It was 1 hour and 30 min. from the airport in Anchorage. We were a group of 10 and it was perfect. There was soo much lush greenery and bright beautiful flowers everywhere, very serene. The place I chose had kayaks, a row boat, a paddle boat, fire pit, foosball table and many more fun activities.

This place was more than we expected. It was amazing and had all the amenities that we needed. I would highly recommend this house. If interested in renting it yourself, you can find it here.

We did tons of things on our trip. In the first couple of days we went on a 6 hour train ride on the Alaskan Railroad called Hurricane Turn. The conductor Warren was the best, super friendly and also a talented photographer. He stopped the train numerous times for us to take pictures. It was really interesting to hear him talk about letting people off the train to their house and that that was the only way for them to get there. I would love to come back out here one day to do some camping off that train in the wilderness for days.

That day and days to follow, we ventured into a small town called Talkeetna. It had lots of cute shops and restaurants. The Mountain High Pizza Pie restaurant was our favorite! They had a 30 topping pizza. Yummy!!! I bought some Alaskan keepsakes and gifts for myself and a few coworkers there. Loved it! While there, we also got to ride a jet boat through glacial choppy river waters. That was a fun treat!

The next couple of days, our trip took us to a small fishing town south of where we were staying. It was called Seward. It took us 3 hours to get there. Along the way we had to make a pit stop to pee. The kids got out to take photos of the fog.

While in Seward, we went out onto the docks where we went aboard the Kenai Fjords Boat Tour and saw whales, sea lions, glaciers and even ate 400 year old ice. Definitely a must!



Only a few of us stayed an extra night there and went to the Sealife Center. We got to see them feeding a baby walrus. Then we walked around town. Found a cool shop with tons of Alaskan gifts at a very reasonable price to take back home with us. We ate at the Seward Brewery Company. I had a delicious halibut salad. Wish we could get that type of food in Texas.


That same morning as we did our sightseeing, Tom got up early to go halibut fishing. He said that was the best fishing trip he had ever been on. He caught a fish that was this big…..

Just kidding!!

He caught sooo many fish we didn’t know what to do with them. We were eating fish for days.

This was the best halibut that I have ever eaten. Wow! Fresh fish right off the boat. Tom cooked this to perfection!

Back to Willow we go!

At the end of our trip we decided to go to Denali Park and go on a whitewater rafting tour. It was one of the best things we did while out there.

We stopped at the 49th State Brewing Company on our way back to Willow. Had some good eats, drank locally brewed Alaskan drinks and saw the bus from the movie “Into the Wild“.

As we drove away from Denali we happened to come across the old Igloo hotel. Pretty cool and creepy! Wanna buy it? It’s for sale.

It was time to say goodbye! So, we had some tequila shots for our farewell cheers.

Our last morning kayak rides before leaving. It’s sooo peaceful out there on the lake waters.

Sammy rode the paddle boat every day. He loved it!

This place was very comfortable. The couch was a popular place to relax or fall asleep on.

My morning view every day.

No one was ready to leave.
Especially these girls. LOL!

The one thing I’m going to miss the most is the Loon that cried out for its mate every night when the lake was still and there was not a sound around. It usually happened about 2am. The first night I wasn’t sure what the sound was from. I just knew is was something magical. Then when I told Tom, he knew right away. If you’ve never heard one, you must hear the eerie yet beautiful wail it makes. Check out this video capturing a Loon making this amazing sound just like I heard every night.

Loon call on a lake in Alaska

Our family holiday to Alaska will always be remembered and never forgotten. This one is for the books for sure!

Until we meet again….

Lots of Love,
The Hider’s, the Aguilar’s and the Boul’s


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Happy Pride Month!

I created these SPECIAL EDITION pride t-shirts for my Amazon store.

LGBT Equality Apparel 🌈

The Love is Love Rainbow Pride T-shirt

Love Is Love T-shirt

And the most popular You are as Beautiful as a Rainbow Pride T-shirt

You are as Beautiful as a Rainbow T-Shirt

The best LGBT/Gay Pride t-shirts around town. Comfortable tees with multi-colored big bold type, all the colors of the rainbow. LGBT Proud.

Two unique colorful t-shirts to show support to all your brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. That could be you, your neighbor, your teacher, your co-worker, your friend, your father, mother, brother, anyone and everyone.

Get one for you, your partner, or anyone listed above. Everyone enjoys a cool one of a kind gift. Go Pride month!

Designed by my small business, Hider House, in Houston, Texas.

#loveislove #happypride #LGBT
#lovewins #rainbow #rainbowbeauty


The baddest raddest coolest awesomest t-shirts around town!

Well, at least in my eyes. Check out some fun new colorful tees in my shop here.

And now I sell some of these unique on-of-a-kind t shirts on Amazon too!

The chips and salsa are my weakness t-hirst are here.

Go get one of these bad boys as a special gift for your best friend, girlfriend or mom on her birthday. They would love you forever!

Made in the State of Texas by Hider House.


Something for Your Inner Hippy!

I have new items in my shop. Go check them out! You might find something you like or a gift for a friend.


Go shopping!

Did you grow up in the 60’s or just remember hearing what it was like? Check out these fun facts or should I say insane things that were actually acceptable back then?


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29th Annual Art Car Parade

We went to the Art Car Parade this past weekend. There’s always lots of cool cars to see. This year the route went down Smith street in downtown Houston. In my opinion, it turned out to be a great location and the weather was perfect!

Here are some photos.


Want to know more about all the events leading up to the parade and after? Check out their website.

Want to see more pictures from this past weekend on  Did you know that the Art Car Parade was born in April 1988 with a 40 car parade seen by and estimated 2,000?  It has grown since then. Today it has 200+ vehicles and is seen by 250,000+ spectators. Crazy!

Still want to see more art car images? Check these out from Pinterest.


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USS Lexington

We had a great time camping overnight with the Boyscouts on a World War II vintage Essex class aircraft carrier called the USS Lexington! A little spooky at times, but there is great history there. In 1979, eight female officers became the first women stationed aboard a US Navy ship and in 1981 the first woman jet pilot to land on an aircraft carrier. These historic moments happened on the Lexington. Go check out the boat and everything it stands for, visit their museum.


I didn’t get to take a picture, but one of my favorite parts of the boat was the lower decks. That’s where they had the dentist, church, medical, machine shop, post office and lots of other things. It was like a maze. I wasn’t sure if we would ever get out. LOL! They really make it look realistic and gives you an idea of how people lived on the boat back then.

Here is a little LEX trivia and some fun facts for you to think about.


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Inspiring Art and Writing

So, I created this awesome commemorative poster (at least I think it’s awesome)! It was designed with the intention of only printing a limited amount. This was for purchase and the proceeds went to providing scholarships for students wanting to pursue a degree in art or writing. It was a fun project to work on.

The poster was created with Illustrator and InDesign.


Fun fact: Andy Warhol was a past winner

To find out more about the Scholastic Art & Writing program go to

Check out this video that our fabulous media production team created for last years event.

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