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Something for Your Inner Hippy!

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Did you grow up in the 60’s or just remember hearing what it was like? Check out these fun facts or should I say insane things that were actually acceptable back then?


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29th Annual Art Car Parade

We went to the Art Car Parade this past weekend. There’s always lots of cool cars to see. This year the route went down Smith street in downtown Houston. In my opinion, it turned out to be a great location and the weather was perfect!

Here are some photos.


Want to know more about all the events leading up to the parade and after? Check out their website.

Want to see more pictures from this past weekend on  Did you know that the Art Car Parade was born in April 1988 with a 40 car parade seen by and estimated 2,000?  It has grown since then. Today it has 200+ vehicles and is seen by 250,000+ spectators. Crazy!

Still want to see more art car images? Check these out from Pinterest.


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USS Lexington

We had a great time camping overnight with the Boyscouts on a World War II vintage Essex class aircraft carrier called the USS Lexington! A little spooky at times, but there is great history there. In 1979, eight female officers became the first women stationed aboard a US Navy ship and in 1981 the first woman jet pilot to land on an aircraft carrier. These historic moments happened on the Lexington. Go check out the boat and everything it stands for, visit their museum.


I didn’t get to take a picture, but one of my favorite parts of the boat was the lower decks. That’s where they had the dentist, church, medical, machine shop, post office and lots of other things. It was like a maze. I wasn’t sure if we would ever get out. LOL! They really make it look realistic and gives you an idea of how people lived on the boat back then.

Here is a little LEX trivia and some fun facts for you to think about.


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