Jump Rope for 30 Days πŸ’ͺβ€οΈπŸ†

I decided to do a jump rope challenge with my son, Sammy. I’m semi following the FREE challenge with the Jump Rope Dudes. Check out their YouTube channel for videos. They are awesome! Anyway, I heard it’s a good cardio workout. Why not? We all need to get more fit and it’s super simple and fun! For the next 30 days starting April 1st I’ll be using my jump rope daily, 5 times a week. Let me know if you want to join us and we can do it together. Check out my tracker below that I created for it. ☺️ Let’s have a blast and keep each other accountable. Yes!!

Don’t have a jump rope? You can use any jump rope really, but this is the one I just ordered for myself. It’s from Crossrope and called the Get LEAN Set. It was recommended from those DUDES. LOL! πŸ‘Œ To get 10% off your order use coupon code GET10. I’m not affiliated with anyone. That’s the code they gave me from the Crossropes website.

Here is the tracker that I created for myself to keep me organized. Don’t know how to do some of the jumps? You can see tutorials below on how to do each jump or just Google the names and you’ll find videos. If they are too hard, keep it simple and just do the regular bounce.


How-to do each jump:
β€’Β Regular Bounce
β€’ Single Leg
β€’ Run In Place
β€’ Feet Side to Side
β€’ Mummy Kicks
β€’ Feet Front to Back
β€’ Boxer Skip
β€’ Diagonal Straddle
β€’ Run In Place Clock
β€’ Run Up and Back
β€’ Front Straddle
β€’ Side Straddle
β€’ Criss Cross
β€’ 3-Step Twist

Don’t forget to use #30dayJumpRopeChallenge

Here’s the Jump RopeΒ app I’m using to give me extra help.

Good luck!

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