Holographic Screams!🌈

We decided to try these holographic foil peel-off masks. Have you tried them before? Would you? This was soo much fun doing it with my son. He is a good sport. Love him! πŸ’— I couldn’t stop laughing. Our skin was getting tight and it was hard to talk. 🀣 Inside of each packet is a very smooth and creamy liquid, kind of like the consistency of glue. The instructions said to leave it on our face for about 10-15 minutes. It had a cooling feeling.

My son started out not wanting me to take pictures of him.

When it came time to take off, it was a little painful. Watch these funny videos, especially the last one!

This next one is a doozy!! Watch it for the bandaid effect. 🀣

Want to get this face mask peel for yourself or as a gift for someone else? You can get them on Amazon here. 😊

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