Beef Bone Broth Goodness


My daughter introduced me to making beef bone broth a while back. It was sooo good! I had no idea it was easy to make and also really good for you. You can read more about why it’s good for you here or you can buy it already made if you don’t have time to make it at home. It’s better if you make it yourself though. Personally, I’ve noticed that when I drink this bone broth it makes my stomach feel good. My digestion is better and that means a lot. I researched different recipes and found one that I like. If you want to try to make it too check out the best recipe I found here! I made mine in a stock pot but the same way she did. I also used organic bone marrow from Whole Foods. Make this recipe your own and enjoy sipping it in a cup or use it when cooking and you need broth. I do!

You can find out more health benefits here. Research it yourself and find out why it’s soo good.

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