Living the Pacific Island Life and Where to Stay

We went on holiday to the Philippines. It was amazing! I took a ton of photos and made sooo many memories. I want to share with all of you the different places we went to while there. We first stayed in Astoria Palawan for a couple of days, then moved onto Port Barton. Most of our days were living the island life with no wifi. It was better than expected! The people there were super friendly and took really good care of us. ❀️

This is where we stayed in Palawan. It was a cute resort in the jungle near the ocean.

This is where we stayed in Port Barton. Our home away from home. Mal, his family, the caretakers and our guides were very welcoming and helpful. I would totally recommend staying here or somewhere like it. It felt like we had the whole island to ourselves.

This is the best place to eat in Port Barton, Reef Cafe. OMG! The fish and chips were amazing. πŸ˜‹

IMG-2354IMG-2362IMG-2369IMG-2391IMG-2392IMG-2394IMG-2395IMG-2425 (1)IMG-2442IMG-2443IMG-2456IMG-2483IMG-2489IMG-2501IMG-2587IMG-2615IMG-2694IMG-2713IMG-2729IMG-2730IMG-2946IMG-2961IMG-2975IMG-3095IMG-3100IMG-3130IMG-3232IMG-3248IMG-2052IMG-2054IMG-2058IMG-2132 (1)IMG-2139IMG-2389IMG-2966IMG-3248 (1)IMG-2008 (1)IMG-3314 (1)IMG-1667 (1)IMG-2694 (1)IMG-2381IMG-2008IMG-2387IMG-1784IMG-2373IMG-2434IMG-1820IMG-1758IMG-1961IMG-2451IMG-2263IMG-1745IMG-2132IMG-2425IMG-2162IMG-2138IMG-2151IMG-2153IMG-1993

I miss having the ocean right out of our front doorstep every day. The Philippines is a beautiful place!!! You must visit it if you haven’t already. Until next time…..


























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