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Extraterrestrial Sounds!

It’s a Sunday afternoon and we are hanging out at home. All of a sudden, out of nowhere my son puts his finger around the rim of my empty glass. I’m like wait, what?? Don’t touch my glass! I was drinking out of that. Then all of a sudden it makes this sound. I was intrigued so we started to get more glasses out from the cupboard to see what sound they made. Each of them were a different frequency. I think we played around with all the glasses for about 45 minutes. It was fun!  See what we came up with or should I say what my son came up with.  🙂

Check this out! TURN UP THE SOUND.

Did you know you could make the glass shatter too?

You can also use the sound to control fire.

And check this video out if you want to see sand and sound. Very cool resonance experiment!

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