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Girl, Wash Your Face!

Do you know who Rachel Hollis is? I just found out about her through a friend. She’s awesome!! 😁She’s funny, genuine and tells it like it is (the real deal kinda girl, who’s not afraid to be herself). She wrote the book “Girl Wash Your Face”. It’s a must read! Her documentary “Made for More” is out and I’m going to watch it on Monday (August 13). Does anyone else want to go with me? It’s going to be fun!! 💕

If you don’t know her, check out this funny video of her and her husband.

You can still get tickets here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rachel-hollis-presents-made-for-more?layout_id=578&preview=1

I will update this post with what I thought about the movie.

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