Spring Break HolidayΒ 

We spent our Spring Break at the beach. It was very relaxing. There were tonsΒ of large sea shells, beautiful blooming flowers, swimming in the sea, jellyfish, hula hoop dancing, bonfires and fireworks. Life is always betterΒ by the water. You need to plan a beach trip right now. This article says so! Summer is here. See…

Magical Moments!

Spring is here! Beautiful things are happening on our end of the world. I love it! We were at the beach today and so far have found….spiderwebs in the sand dunes, blooming flowers all around us, and shells galore. Magical moments in the making. Today is the vernal equinox. This is where day and night…


This past weekend we went to the beach house in Freeport. My husband likes to call itΒ Follets Island. Every time we go it continues to amaze me. No matter what the season, there’s always plenty to see and explore. It’s a lovely place when it’s hot or cold, dry or wet, windy or foggy. You…

Candy for the Universal Beach Bum!

My sister-in-law handmade this bracelet for me. It is beautiful! I am so proud of her and her new business. If you want one for yourself, check out her website. Buy one as a gift and you will fall in love and want to order more. http://www.beachbumcandy.com Let’s support small businesses.

Life at the Beach!

It was a perfect day! Clear water, blue skies, sand between the toes, and relaxation at its finest. There was no seaweed in sight, just smooth sand and a calm sea. How do you spend your weekends?