Desert 🏜 Cacti 🌡 Red Rocky Mountains – Sedona Is Home

My daughter and I planned on attending a women’s retreat in Sedona Arizona in January. It was going to be a fun girls getaway in a magical place. We were going to open our hearts and let all the good vibrational energies engulf us while spending time with other ladies exploring our minds, body and souls. It was called the Rose Codes, which is a womb activation retreat for the sacred feminine. I gained soo much more than I thought I was going to.

Soo much yes to the whole experience!! πŸ™Œ β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜πŸŒˆβœ¨ I am forever grateful for the spiritual journey that Taraney lead us on. ❀️ It opened my heart and my mind to things I didn’t realize were always a part of me deep down inside. It gave me knowledge and comfort to move forward on my path of growth and healing. I learned soo much more about my true self during my time with all of these beautiful, kind hearted, non judge-mental, open minded, loving souls. I will never forget our experiences together, the laughter, the crying, the food, the ceremonies and most of all the friendships we made. ❀️✨🌈😊 I have spoken.πŸ’“πŸ€ŒπŸ€ŒπŸ€Œ

I understand now. 🀯 I needed this. My daughter was right!

It was an awakening of who I really am, my true self. I think I’ve pushed it down and away for sooo long but I belonged there.

I fit right in and I thought it wasn’t me but it was. Now I see it. I feel like all the signs have always been there. I need to explore it more. I have lots of deep things bottled up, suppressed. Not sure why. I think because people and society make it that way.

I can’t explain it. We did a meditation and I visualized things. I really saw myself as a queen with a purple auora. Wearing a flowing long dress. I didn’t realize that visualization is a real thing. I thought it was me making it up.

We went into the vortex and I felt like I belonged there and that was where I was meant to be. The red rocks were amazing! The houses were amazing! They all had lots of windows and they were on the mountains.

I have soo much more soul searching to do but it opened my eyes. One thing I learned was to not work soo hard. I need to organize my time. I need to wake up earlier, meditate and do breathing exercises. I need a special spot in my house with an altar to practice it daily. I need to eat healthier foods.

I would love to go back and visit the vortex and explore more. My daughter and I are thinking about having our own retreat for women. Women need more of this. Who knows, maybe we will start beach retreats in the near future. Reach out if you are interested in the same. ~

Peace and Love,


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