Chana Masala Recipe

Are you looking for something different to cook for dinner? Check out this easy, quick yummy curry recipe that I found on Instagram that is to die for! I made it with some basmati rice. Soooo good! Let me know if you try it.

(Here is Jacob’s Recipe Below)


-4 tbsp vegetable oil
-1 tsp cumin seeds
-1/2 inch minced ginger
-3 garlic cloves
-1 large red onion
-1 tbsp curry powder
-1/2 tsp ground coriander
-1 can chickpeas can
-1 can chopped tomatoes
-1.5 cups water
-big pinch of salt
-1/2 tsp garam masala

-1/2 cup flour / 100g
-1/4 cup water / 65ml
-1 tsp oil
-small pinch of salt

⭐️ METHOD ⭐️

-start by simmering the cumin seeds for 1 minute then add the garlic, ginger and red onion and fry on a low/medium heat until soft and translucent.
-add the curry powder and coriander powder, mix together then fry for another minute.
-now add the chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, water and salt then leave to simmer on a medium/high heat for 15-20 minutes. Stir often.
-take a cup of the channa out and then blend smooth and add back to the pot along with the garam masala, turn heat on low and then simmer for another 5 minutes.

-combine the flour, salt, water and oil in a mixing bowl then knead into a dough for a few minutes then cover and rest for 30 minutes (start your cooking with this step so when the channa is finished you can make the roti and eat straight away).
-now dry fry on a *very hot* pan for a few minutes max (may need less time, keep an eye) then serve with rice, your channa and ENJOY! 😊

You can find the reel video and full vegan recipe step by step on Instagram here. Go follow him for more yummy recipes!

(Chana masala before I put it in the blender) It smells sooo good!
Roti goodness on my comal! Delicious!

You can find the full video of the recipe here! 👇

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