Top Ten Things to Do on Valentines Day! β™₯️😘β™₯️

Red is for lovers! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Need some ideas? These are mine. β™₯️

Top 10 Things to Do:
β€’ Breakfast in bed – Here’s a cute bed tray
β€’ Give each other a full body massage with your hands or a massage gun 😍
β€’ Go for a drive – day trip
β€’ Take a hike or get in a hot tub
β€’ Write love letters to each other – Get a book here.
β€’ Take an online mixology class
β€’ Game night – play Cosmo Kama Sutra Sex Deck
β€’ Cook dinner together – Here’s a recipe!
β€’ Have a romance movie marathon – start with the movie The Notebook or the tv show Bridgerton
β€’ Lots of snuggling and kissing – Here is the perfect cuddle blanket for two!

I know what I’m doing! As many on the list as I can. Maybe spend 10 days doing all of the things I mentioned above. β™₯️ What are your plans?

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