Mama’s Borracho Beans RecipeπŸ˜‹

I grew up eating charro style beans all of the time. It was a staple in our house. Anytime people came over to watch a game, bbq, there was a birthday party or any holiday celebration my parents made borracho beans. It’s one dish I could never get tired of. Well, I’m an adult now and I don’t get to see my parents that often. But I still crave beans every now and then. So, I decided to make my own. I called my mom and asked her how she made her beans. I got all of the ingredients she mentioned and a few more to make it my own. Here are the ingredients I used. It’s my new favorite. I will be making these over and over again. Check out my cornbread recipe that goes well with this here.

β€’ 2 lbs of pinto beans
β€’ 12 cups of water
β€’ 2 onions
β€’ 6 cloves of garlic
β€’ Pork salt or 5 slices of bacon chopped
β€’ 1 sausage link (I used Chapelle Hill)
β€’ 1 fresh jalapeno chopped
β€’ 1/2 red bell pepper
β€’ 1/2 green bell pepper
β€’ 1 bunch of cilantro (whole, stems removed)
β€’ 2 spring onions chopped
β€’ 1 Roma tomato chopped in big triangles
β€’ 1 bottle of beer (I use Corona)
β€’ 1 can of diced tomatoes
β€’ 1/2 tsp of each – cumin, paprika, chili powder

Saute the onions and garlic. Then add in the water with the beans. Cook for 1 hour. Then add Β the rest of the ingredients. Cook for 2 hours more. Enjoy!

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